Case study

Optimising employee training to help them grow

This case study will cover the redesign of Intuo's Learning Management System in order to help employees track and achieve their learning goals.

Optimising employee training to help them grow for Intuo


Project for Intuo where I worked as a Product Designer between Jul 2019 and Mar 2021. I worked on this project between Juni 2020 - Sep 2021.

My responsibilities

  • UX & UI design

  • Prototyping & testing

  • Visual Design


  • Overflow (userflows)

  • Maze (user testing)

  • Figma


Intuo is a talent enablement platform. It connects insights from all aspects of an employee journey. From measuring engagement, and facilitating one-on-one conversations, to tracking objectives and providing employees with an easy to use learning system that will drive development.


My first tasks at Intuo consisted in improving the existing Learning Management System. I worked on features like:

Skill management features

I worked on multiple features related to skills, like user's skill profile and data, employees growth plan, track learned and improved skills, ...

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Course library management

I worked on features related to Intuo's backend, like course management, external course management (courses outside the user's company that need to be approved by their teamlead), personal libraries, onboarding flow, ...

Library organisation

As the library of organisations can contain a huge amount of content, I designed multiple ways to organise them like folder management, collections, favorites, ...

User-generated content

At first, the library was curated by administrators or teamleaders of the organisation. However, curating a library can be an arduous task and there was no way for employees to suggest new content. I've worked on features to add different type of resources to the library.

Intuo Learn Management System

I was also responsible for the overall visual redesign of the library.


You can read more about my process on Intuo's Conversation Redesign case study.

End result

Here is an overview of some screens I designed for Intuo's Learning Management System, divided per category.


Old (left) vs new (right) design of the course overview.


Redesigned flow to follow a course.


As we discovered that our users needed the learning functionalities on mobile (when in transit for example), we decided to incorporate some of Intuo's Learn Management System features in Intuo's mobile app.

Library onboarding

When the user accesses the library for the first time, a wizard is started in order to get to know the user, and, eventually to provide a tailored experience.

Every step can be skipped, and, the user can fill in that information later on.


The intro provides context to the user.


What are the user's current skills?


Which skills does the user wants to learn?


Skill rating.