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Hi, I'm Benoît Boucart 👋.I'm a UX designer who loves solving user interface problems

About me

I am a Digital Product Designer from Gent, Belgium who designs and builds products, with simplicity in mind, which I believe to be the key to a good user experience. As a product designer (UX/UI), I want to have a positive impact on the life of the humans that are using digital products.

I work as a freelance Product Designer and was previously lecturer at Digital Design & Development (Devine) where I taught students how to build digital products and coached them in their learning process.

My services

What I do

Here is an overview of the services I can provide.

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Product design & UI / UX

I can help design a new product or improve the experience of an existing project with a focus on simplicity.

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Prototyping & testing

I test designs with your users in Maze, Figma Prototype, or directly via a realistic, interactive prototype. Testing is a key point of good design.

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Front-end web development

I translate designs to production ready websites, apps or prototypes using modern libraries & frameworks like React or Next.

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Looking for a coach for junior designers? I'd happy to provide them design feedback and help them to become a better designer.

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Contact me

If you want to know more or have any questions, feel free to contact me, I'd be glad to listen.